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We have a range of 'Athletes for Nature'-branded apparel for purchase. Select the garment, size and colour and email us your request.

  • The purchase cost of each garment is comprised of the actual cost for us to source plus a small donation to The Lentil Intervention for which you may claim a tax credit if you reside in New Zealand.

  • Shipping is available within New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands and that cost is additional.

  • Please note that the size and placement of the respective logos in the images below are indicative and will vary in real life.

  • What is displayed in the images below is only a small sample of the full range available; ensure you click on the 'Specifications & Colours' link to view all the colours available.

  • Our garments are sourced from ASColour so if there is a particular garment you would like, let us know!

Our range:

* all prices shown are in NZD

logo colours_edited.jpg
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