A forum of people unified by a single objective: To create broad momentum for a transition towards a more resilient New Zealand. Better Futures Forum sprung out of a crisis (Covid-19). A crisis that will be one of many if we do not fundamentally change the way we live or use the finite resources on this planet.

Better Futures Forum is focusing on six key areas where environment, people and economy intersect, with the knowledge that each of these areas interrelates and overlaps:

  • Land and Water

  • Infrastructure

  • Transport

  • Buildings and Housing

  • Energy

  • Economy

Comprised of experts who don’t want to passively look on and hope that others will take up the mantle of leadership and make this change; its people want to connect, empower and influence to ensure it happens.

The Lentil Intervention is collaborating with Better Futures Forum, providing a series of podcast interviews that will help you take part in this necessary transformation. Because we need to act now, for a better future.
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