The climate and health crises are the two most pressing issues of our time.

Change needs to occur, and sooner rather than later. These huge problems can often leave individuals feeling helpless.

But personal changes can have a big impact.

We are an Australian and New Zealand educational and advocacy platform aiming to raise awareness and inspire action for personal and planetary health.

Our Approach


While the current health and climate problems are global concerns, we primarily focus on regional issues to bring awareness to our most pressing and relevant challenges.


We promote ethical living and seek to achieve a more just and sustainable world through cruelty-free and exploitation-free food and lifestyle choices.


We strive to be a reliable and evidence-based source of information, community programmes and collaborate with groups of similar alignment to help catalyse change.

Our pillars of health

Our bodies are designed to move. Physical activity is not just great for strength and fitness but is one of the most effective ways to promote overall wellbeing. In addition to reducing chronic disease risk, movement can also improve sleep quality, self-esteem, mood and energy. Unfortunately, we are now ~60-70% less active than those from just a few generations ago, and this has resulted in negative health consequences. Our conversations around movement will help you get up and get moving.


There is an ever-growing body of literature that documents the myriad of health benefits of whole food plant-based eating pattern. This way of eating has been associated with a lowered risk of many chronic diseases and can possibly even reverse certain health conditions. Diet can be a powerful tool for not only treating chronic illness but for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Our conversations discussing wholefood nutrition will educate and motivate change.

The great outdoors is ‘great’ for a reason. Not only is time spent in nature crucial for our physical and mental health, but we are reliant on a healthy planet for a healthy human race. The science is clear - climate change is real, it is happening now and alarming trends need immediate action. Not only that, waste and plastic pollution has become a pressing environmental concern. Our conversations about environmental wellness bring these important issues to light. 

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