Why and how? We don’t really know either, but here’s the story of how we started and maybe we’ll figure it out together..

Ben and Emma first met at the start of 2019; Ben was hosting a film premiere screening in Brisbane and he invited Emma to be one of the expert panelists for the post-film discussion. With Ben returning to New Zealand they remained in contact, often sharing ideas but also recognising there was a gap within Australasia for local and honest content from the region. There are many wonderful documentaries and books but the majority are very much American or European-based so it is very easy for us to continue living in ignorant bliss about the state of our very own populations and land thinking we’re doing great, when in reality, the complete opposite is true.


A year later they decided to form a platform that would provide freely accessible resources and help individuals take action for a better…. (world???). This was initially centred around three pillars; environmental wellness, plant-based nutrition and movement. 

On the 5th of April 2020, episode 1 of The Lentil Intervention podcast was published, and over the months that followed, Ben and Emma themselves learnt so much that they realised this was bigger than they realised; there’s no point in being the healthiest person if there is no planet left to stand on. Another year on and the content covered was broadened to include other aspects of lifestyle medicine, as well as expanded environmental topics including conservation. 


Ben and Emma also realised they were doing a good job of creating a lot of awareness but they felt was also important was to start taking action, either by collaborating with other organisations or delivering their own campaigns. As such, a rebrand of the logo to better represent the refreshed direction was undertaken in July 2021.


And the name? We can thank Emma for mishearing her sister! As sister’s do, they were having some banter and her sister said that Emma needed a mental intervention whereas Emma thought she heard… that’s right, lentil intervention! Ben heard the story and loved it and it stuck. It’s quirky, they continually receive positive feedback on the name so it’s here to stay.