Sports Gear Checklist

Please ensure that any apparel, shoes or sports gear you donate is clean and physically wearable/usable; in other words, would you be happy receiving this item yourself.

What we accept

  • Rugby/soccer/hockey boots - clean, sufficient tread remaining, undamaged upper, shoelaces fitted (please tie each pair of shoes together)

  • Running shoes - clean, sufficient tread remaining, undamaged upper, shoelaces fitted (please tie each pair of shoes together)

  • Tennis racquets, hockey sticks, cricket bats - full-sized (not plastic or part of kids set)

  • Tennis/hockey/cricket balls - only if in good condition 

  • Soccer/rugby/basketball/netball/volleyball balls - only if in good condition (i.e. they stay inflated)

  • Swim goggles and caps - new only

  • Tennis, cricket and hockey bags - cleaned out, the zips work, no miscellaneous items left inside

  • Sports bags such as duffel/backpacks

  • Drawstring bags - new only

  • Sports clothing (washed, no major stains, buttons attached, zips working, drawstrings present, no holes):

    • Run t-shirts, singlets, long sleeves, crop tops

    • Run shorts, leggings (short/long)

    • Tracksuits, jackets, hoodies

    • Other sports apparel that can be worn for any activity

    • Swimming togs - only if still fitting, i.e. not chlorine damaged

    • Run caps and beanies

What we do not accept

  • Specialised sports shoes such as cycling or running spikes

  • Smart/casual shoes

  • Squash or badminton racquets

  • No plastic bags

  • Cycling apparel such as padded shorts, cycle jerseys, gloves and arm/leg extensions

  • Compression garments (unless it's leggings)

  • Beachwear such as boardies or bikinis

  • Smart/casual clothing - jeans, shirts, dresses, etc.

  • Hats and visors

  • Socks and underwear (unless new)

  • Scarves

  • Rollerblades or ski boots

  • Toys or books

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