Incentivise NZ Farmers To Diversify For Longevity

We are asking for government direction, funding and support to encourage farmers to future proof and diversify their farming to include crop growing and/or rewilding their land for carbon sequestration.

Arable land is an underused resource in New Zealand, with just one-tenth of it in horticultural production. We are not currently on track to meet our international climate commitments and with 49% of our carbon emissions due to the agricultural sector, this is the part that must change and will yield the biggest and quickest results. With less than 10 years for the world to act on climate change, we cannot let this opportunity pass us by. We have to reduce our methane emissions as soon as possible.

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Not only our economy but our health is also at risk if we do not start to make those changes now. According to an Otago University paper, a whole foods plant-based diet could bring carbon emissions savings of up to 42%, confer a population gain of up to 1.5 million quality-adjusted life-years and save our health care system up to $20 billion. A plant-based diet reduces your risk of Ischaemic Heart Disease, Bowel Cancer, Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Hypertension and Inflammatory Arthritis.


This petition calls on the government to offer advice and support to farmers wanting to diversify towards balanced and sustainable agriculture. Currently, many farmers may feel trapped in their current circumstances and cannot see a way towards diversification and making a transition towards growing plants. We want to see government think tanks and grants towards increasing our horticultural industry. We are lucky to have a wealth of knowledge in the horticultural sector and exports are rising every year, last year topping $8 billion.

The Green Protein Report provides suggestions for how we can reduce emissions, detailed reasons why this needs to happen and the benefits to our society by doing so. Refer to this podcast interview where we interviewed co-authors Jasmijn de Boo and Dr Andrew Knight.

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Current Appeal

This current campaign is led by the Vegan Society of Aotearoa NZ. We also had a brief chat with Media Spokesperson Claire Insley who provided a little further insight into this campaign, and you can listen to it on this Lentil Express episode. Whether you are an individual or an organisation, show your support by signing the petition.