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A library of our very own created resources to help you undertake your lifestyle changes.

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🌏 environment  |  🐾 conservation  |  🍎 nutrition  |  💚 health  |  🏃🏻‍♂️ movement


🍎 Plant-Powered Gut Challenge

60+ page resource created for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. This guide helps people transition to a plant-based diet and includes recipes and nutrition information.

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💚 Health and Wellbeing Tips for The Pandemic

Tips for providing you and your community the best chance for minimising the risk of contracting and beating COVID-19.

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💚 Better Sleep Habits

Lifestyle factors can contribute significantly to poor quality sleep, so in this download you'll find some tips and tricks for getting you on the right track.

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🍎 Plant-Based High Five

A basic overview of plant-based nutrition principles to ensure you hit the mark with your macro and micronutrients.


💚 Cancer Prevention Checklist

Raising awareness of cancer and encouraging prevention, detection, and treatment. While there are certain aspects a person can't change, like genetics or age, there are other factors we can control in regards to reducing risk.


🌏💚🏃🏻‍♂️ Nature Immersion

Time spent in nature alters the biomarkers of stress and wellbeing. This download identifies the restorative outcomes, tips on maximising the benefits and ideas on protecting nature.

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🍎 Plant Diversity Challenge

Eating a wide variety of plants is beneficial for gut microbial diversity. This downloadable template helps you track your weekly progress.


🍎 The Power of Pulses

The nutritional benefits of pulses and their contribution to sustainable food systems and a world without hunger; and how to add them to your plate.

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