Plant Powered Gut Challenge

60+ page resource created for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. This guide helps people transition to a plant-based diet and includes recipes and nutrition information.

The Green Protein Report

Meeting New Zealand's climate change targets by 2030 through reduced reliance on animal agriculture. 

Plant Diversity Challenge

Eating a wide variety of plants is beneficial for gut microbial diversity. This downloadable template helps you track your weekly progress.

Plant-Based Eating and Cardiometabolic Health

An Alpro foundation 2020 summary paper regarding the science supporting plant-based eating for cardiometabolic health

PCRM Vegan Starter Kit

The Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine's popular introduction to a plant-based diet.

The Broad Study

A randomised control trial using a whole food plant-based diet in the community for obesity, ischaemic heart disease or diabetes.

Plant-Based Micronutrients Infographic

A downloadable infographic focusing on the nutrients to pay a little more attention to when eating plant-based.

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